Line Shaft Hoist

Peter Albrecht Company’s Model #653Z Line Shaft Hoist is an industry leader with theatre installations throughout the world. We helped pioneer the concept, which connects multiple cable drums to a single drive.

Lift Capacity

A maximum lifting capacity of 550-15,000lbs and maximum travel of 10 to 120ft


Manufactured per application


  • Eliminates side loading of structure by locating drums directly above lift points.
  • Can be under-hung or floor mounted
  • Manufactured in 20 ft segments or less for ease of installation

Technical Drawings & Specifications

653W Line Shaft System


Remote Mounting Location

Hoist is built for installation directly above what it is lifting. Ask us about cable discharge modifications paired with appropriate blocks (pulleys) to mount in a remote location.

Secondary Brakes

Choose either a centrifugal or a spring set secondary brake placed at the drum(s) to stop drum rotation either as a back-up to tthe brake mounted to the motor or to engage from centrigugal force caused by drum speed increase that would occur in the event of a drive component failure.

Travel Speed

Travel speed can be customized for the application based on drive system and drum size.


Add wireless control, control pendants, or multiple hard-wired control locations.

Cable Reels

Spring-loaded cable reels can be added to provide cable management of power and contols cables for what it is that you are lifting. This allows the fixture to be powered and controlled at all elevatons.

Cable Weights

These are shipped loose (one per lift line) as an installation aid to be sure that lift cable remains taut until item to be lifted is attached.

Application Engineering

We can provide complete system install layouts showing the hoist and any cable reels or blocks mounted to steel that is already in place or that would need to be added.

Installation & Start-Up

Hire us to oversee a local crew (by you or by us) to install the hoists and related components.