Over the years we have designed, manufactured, serviced and installed a wide range of theatre equipment. Our product line continues to evolve as does our market base.

Chandelier Hoist Systems

Chandelier hoist systems eliminate the need to use ladders or portable lifts to clean and service fixtures.

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Scoreboard Hoists

Large LED displays are becoming the de-facto standard in today’s public venues. Our products offer a robust solution to hoisting these screens safely above people’s heads.

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Banner Hoists

Banner cleaning and replacement can be done without the use of ladders or lifts with a banner hoist from Peter Albrecht. We offer several motorized hoist options, system design and engineering support.

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Line Shaft & Custom Hoists

Our manufacturing facility is geared to fabrication and assembly of custom motorized hoists, rigging systems and controls. All equipment is assembled under the direct supervision of our engineering professionals.

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Arbor & Arbor Traps

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Tension Grids

Peter Albrecht’s Tension Wire Grids provide a wire mesh walking surface over performance areas that allows lighting to be easily and safely placed overhead without shadows.

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