PAC has manufactured products for the theater industry since 1917. Our market has grown in the last several decades to include many other spaces interested in the benefits of motorized rigging, concealed lighting, tension wire grids and related equipment.


FlexiLift Chandelier Hoist (696W)

Zero Fleet

FlexiLift Banner Hoist (697W)

Zero Fleet

FlexiLift ZF-1000

Zero Fleet

FlexiLift ZF-2500

Zero Fleet

Line Shaft Hoist

Pile-On Chandelier Hoist

Scoreboard Hoist

Self-Climbing Hoist

Single and Multi-Line Drum Hoists

Hoist Selection Tool

Lighting & Equipment

Tension Grids

Rotary Limit Switch

Trusses & Battens

Light Focusing Chair

Concealed Lighting Enclosure