Line Shaft & Custom Hoists


Chandelier hoist systems eliminate the need to use ladders or portable lifts to clean and service fixtures. Line shaft hoists are simple and cost effective. They use only one drive to turn a customizable number of cable drums. Drums are placed so cable drops down where you need it at multiple points or cable can be routed to pulleys on a separate axis to lift the four corners of a scoreboard or other pieces not suitable for all of the lift cables to be “in a line”.


We have built thousands of line shaft hoists and were among the first to make them popular. We can help determine key considerations like:

Number of Lift Lines

Some applications use common, standardized lift line spacing. Other times it is worth considering making changes to what is being lifted, or perhaps using a truss, in order to optimize number of lift lines.

Roof Structure

Our line shaft hoist frames are robust enough to span several joists so that additional support steel is not required. Is a certain frame length helpful to achieve this in your space?

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Hoist Location

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Electrical Power

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