FlexiLift Banner Hoist (697W)

Peter Albrecht’s two-cable FlexiLift is a zero fleet light/intermittent-duty motorized hoist perfect for a variety of banner hoist, theater batten, and decorative piece lifting applications.

Lift Capacity

A maximum lifting capacity of 325 lbs and Maximum travel of 37 ft


2’10″L X 12″W X 8″H enclosure on 3’8″ long rails


  • Safely lower banners and other lightweight pieces to ground level.
  • Compact, light-weight (120 lb) design fits in small spaces and can be mounted “upside-down” or on a wall.
  • Easy to use and maintain.


Remote Mounting Location

Hoist is built for installation directly above what it is lifting. Ask us about cable discharge modifications paired with appropriate blocks (pulleys) to mount in a remote location.

Mounting Orientation

Modify cable discharge pulley to allow hoist to be mounted upside-down or on a wall.

Extension Kit

Extend standard cable seperation of 33.5″ to up to 10 feet. (Note that ends of the extension kit must be support to sustain the load.)


Add wireless control, control pendants, or multiple hard-wired control locations.

Cable Reels

Spring-loaded cable reels can be added to provide cable management of power and control cables for what it is that you are lifting. This allows the load to be powered and controlled at all elevations.

Cable Weights

These are shipped loose (one per lift line) as an installation aid to be sure that lift cable remains taut until item to be lifted is attached.

Application Engineering

We can provide complete system install layouts showing the hoist and any cable reels or blocks mounted to steel that is already in place or that would need to be added.

Installation & Start-Up

Hire us to oversee a local crew (by you or by us) to install the hoists and related components.