Our Tension Wire Grids provide a wire mesh walking surface over performance areas that allows lighting to be easily and safely placed overhead without shadows.

Our Rotary Limit Switch is a four-element, rotating-shaft, limit switch intended for use on equipment where machinery movement can be used to drive a gear assembly that mechanically correlates position to shaft turns.

Our custom manufactured heavy-duty Steel Trusses & Battens are designed and manufactured based on our 90+ years in the theater business.

Our Spotlight Focusing Chair connects to truss work with a roller system that allows users to move along the truss and focus lights while seated and harnessed.

List of Installations

Suffolk University, Boston MA
Equitable Insurance Co., New York, NY
Mount Paran Church of God, Mariette, GA
Wortham Theatre Center, Houston, TX
Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA
Dixie College, St. George, UT

Concealed Light Systems (CLS) are an innovative way to keep surgical exam lights out of sight, yet within reach in hospital birthing rooms. In-ceiling design makes these ideal for multi-purpose locations such as emergency triage stations. With grow lights installed, CLS enclosures are useful in commercial buildings.