We are dedicated to providing practical scoreboard hoist systems regardless of hoist location, performance features, and capacities required. From supplying structural steel, to developing unique component configurations that solve even the toughest installation problems, customers count on us for safe and reliable scoreboard hoist systems.

Our Self-Climbing hoists are a great option where ceiling access is limited, adding steel to roof-mount a hoist would be difficult, or a simplified installation is important. Self-climbing hoists are often used for multiple lighting plak’s in a tight grid (tv studios), in signage, and scoreboard suspension.

Peter Albrecht Company’s Model #653Z Line Shaft Hoist is an industry leader with theatre installations throughout the world. We helped pioneer the concept, which connects multiple cable drums to a single drive.

Our standard drum hoist design is versatile enough to handle almost all applications, robust enough to last decades and is simple to operate.

Pile-On Chandelier Hoists are industrial-grade, motorized hoist systems designed to safely raise, lower and suspend chandeliers. Pile-on hoists are sometimes referred to as yo-yo hoists because cable winds on top of itself in the drum.

Peter Albrecht’s two-cable FlexiLift is a zero fleet light/intermittent-duty motorized hoist perfect for a variety of banner hoist, theater batten, and decorative piece lifting applications.