Curious about how to start a chandelier hoist project? Read this.

Many of our chandelier hoist customers have never specified, installed, or operated a chandelier hoist (a.k.a. “chandelier lift”) before talking to us. Some information is available online, including a few how-to videos using components and techniques that seem risky at best, but the information is scarce and often doesn’t apply. Properly done, a chandelier hoist system will work as intended and without failure or incident for decades. But how do you get there?

Start by knowing with certainty a few important application details. What is the maximum weight being lifted? How far apart is the lowest desired elevation from the highest? Do you want the hoist to travel to the floor for initial fixture installation? Does it matter to you if the chandelier “spins” a few degrees while moving up and down such that it does not align perfectly with a wall? (Think square fixture.) What is the best location for the hoist based on building particulars and access? Is there an adequate structure to bear the weight of a hoist and the chandelier? Is there anything in the way of where the hoist will go or where the lifting cable will be routed?

If you do not have all these answers, we will be happy to help you get them as an important step to determine the best style of hoist for your application. (Note that the hoist selection tool on our website uses some of these questions to narrow down available products.)

Now that you have an idea of the style of hoist needed, evaluate design options against what features are desired and how hoist style differences may impact ease and cost of installation. Verify that voltage requirements, hoist size and weight, intended frequency of use, travel speed, maintenance requirements, and manufacturer’s experience are satisfactory.

Finally, sort-out installation details from who will provide system layout drawings to wiring, start-up, and training. Proper installation is as important to safety and product longevity as product design.